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The Pickaxe upgrade.pngPickaxe upgrade increases swing damage.

Tier Name Description Swing Damage Cost Gold/Damage (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Pickaxe Standard issue tool for the working class. 14 Gold5.png 0 0
Upgrade: b4a0cc89545946efbfc1145b6c5b340e
1 Sturdy Pickaxe A shockingly good build for someone of questionable state of mind. 18 Gold50.png 75 5
Upgrade: e168f24a3e734b61a7fdd387638d2d0e
2 Tempered Pickaxe Tempered metal really cuts down on vibration when bashing rats. 22 Gold100.png 150 11
Upgrade: f4492aa46271496b9b8f411228d9926b
3 Blue Steel Pickaxe A very photogenic weapon. 26 Gold100.png 300 21
Upgrade: 22d91760c56d4c42b5462478f9480417
4 Stone Axe Attacking someone with a stone hammer is a crime of war in some kingdoms. 30 Gold500.png 600 38
Upgrade: 0c45915cca6c4858896d1d6d050008f9
5 Rock Smasher Does not literally smash rocks, but it makes for a good name. 34 Gold500.png 1,000 63
Upgrade: 4da3d5b07fa84a6d8b961a4c2285fc16
6 Crystal Pickaxe A pickaxe both made of, and designed to mine crystal. Figure that one out. 38 Gold500.png 1,500 96
Upgrade: 2b4f655ffcd04099a45b1ea73fa10c44
7 Bronze Hammer The head of the axe is actually a bronze dipped baby boot. 42 Gold500.png 3,000 158
Upgrade: 38d46f442d0e45fdab9e870454cb0e3f
8 Smo's Hammer A larger, bronze hammer that tapers outward. Belonged to a disgraced executioner. 46 Gold500.png 4,000 231
Upgrade: 938c60e617ba46b794dda2e190e4858c
9 Steel Axe A primitive but effective alloy weapon. 50 Gold500.png 5,000 313
Upgrade: a0c012e0fcc64e57b4695938350065a2
10 Obsidian Pickaxe Made from a black, glassy rock that is often associated with cursed objects. 54 Gold500.png 7,000 419
Upgrade: 2f850bd3d8fc4bd2a0103208c95e07f8
11 Platinum Pickaxe Blacksmiths often call platinum the poor man's mithril. 58 Gold500.png 9,000 546
Upgrade: d3dcc05fe61e4528a8e766b6411f4d99
12 Mithril Pickaxe Blacksmiths often call mithril the rich man's platinum. 62 Gold500.png 11,000 688
Upgrade: e7a87c56d259445abadfcef70d5781f4
13 Runed Axe Nothing makes a hammer more effective than carving in some lightning bolts. 66 Gold500.png 15,000 874
Upgrade: bc340717e9c74f71acb2f3bddb597a82
14 Diamond Crusher A diamond miner returned this after discovering it was maybe too good at its job. 70 Gold500.png 25,000 1181
Upgrade: fceaebf2bb73424284a655848767c7dc
15 Thorium Pickaxe Made from the hardest and most valuable metal, so it's a pretty big deal. 74 Gold500.png 50,000 1793
Upgrade: 4c7a15c940024e31b10cd745abf7ae66