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Currently there is no announced future plans. However the developers have indicated that they are working on projects

In the past this page was used for keeping track of beta information and upcoming plans, currently it only hosts plans that were likely considered but not implemented as of yet.

Data Mined Files

These items were found the game with full translations likely unused ideas


Fire Axe

Fire Axe.png

effect: Thrown pickaxe spreads fire

description: The other kind of fire axe. The one that spreads the fire.

Star Marked Buckler

Star Marked Buckler.png

effect: Ricochet the thrown pickaxe

description: A shield forged from an indestructible metal. Still undamaged after years of punishment.

Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook.png

effect: Launch yourself across great distances

description: Kurtz has often talked about using a grappling hook, but Wayland never issued him one.

Message in a Bottle

No Image available

effect: Discover your fortune

description: "This one just says... butts." - Black Rabbit

Liquid Lockpick

No Image available

effect: Grants 2 temporary keys for the floor

description: As the liquid is poured from the bottle it forms the shape of a key. Once it hardens it can.

Liquid Wallbreaker

No Image available

effect: Grants 3 temporary bombs for the floor

description: Instructions read: Place pea sized amount in palm, rub hands together, drop and run!


No Image available

effect: Creates a slow field around the peasant after killing an enemy

description: A grand clock whose hands are set by the stars.


No Image available

effect: Float after catching the pickaxe, increases damage while floating

description: The fish does not see the eagle, and it does not feel the killing blow.


Assets found in recent update