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Feats tab.jpg

Feats are a tab of the Journal that is keeps track of Achievements on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch does not have a global achievements system. In order to allow players on the Nintendo Switch version of the game to experience achievements the developers added feats to the game.

This system works similarly to the achievements on other platforms and acts as a global achievement and will display that the same achievements have been unlocked between different saves. This allows achievements like "Its a secret to everyone" to be completed on a separate new save if its missed on the main save.

The left side of the Feats tab displays the achievement name, image, and unlock requirement.

The right side lists all of the achievements, and the overall achievement progress.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Feats.


  • This tab was also accidentally added to the last PC 1.2.0 Beta (Version for Windows) however it was removed in the actual release of 1.2.0