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The Gloves upgrade.pngGloves upgrade increases throw damage.

Tier Name Description Throw Damage Cost Gold/Damage (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Mitts Perfectly suited for holding a pickaxe. 10 Gold5.png 0 0
Upgrade: 9cd17d7a32ae40eeb46b5ea532ef0d28
1 Hand Covers Just enough cloth to prevent major blisters, but not minor. 13 Gold50.png 50 4
Upgrade: aaf5330585c442129bbbfaf7f4f7bcb6
2 Woolen Gloves Wool mittens with a string connecting them. 16 Gold100.png 100 10
Upgrade: ea4fbb04fffe4f8b8287ea847a5c7e80
3 Leather Skins Thin and soft and comfy, but with a few holes. 19 Gold100.png 250 21
Upgrade: 5618fc67e8444557b4a3a95b0c144852
4 Tough Leather Mitts Pull out a blackberry bush and not suffer the consequences! 22 Gold100.png 450 39
Upgrade: c97057170d8740b0b938a679de78c65e
5 Studded Gloves Metal studs make these leather gloves look badass. 25 Gold500.png 750 64
Upgrade: 48a2c20f26874b528cdb7bf6086a6930
6 Tarred Gloves A little pine tar for that extra zip. 28 Gold500.png 1,200 100
Upgrade: 1b72f767cce645ec85d73d120397ae71
7 Woven Leather Gloves Sports a patterned weave for added protection and style. 31 Gold500.png 2,300 165
Upgrade: fcbf74575a9e4e5fbb80505f95e4e973
8 Thick Hide Gloves Made from a creature with a thick hide that brought all the smith's to the yard. 34 Gold500.png 3,000 239
Upgrade: ed6ae1c060f644f9aaebc3d460ceb19d
9 Bobo's Claw A hollowed out paw that can be worn like a gross hand puppet. 37 Gold500.png 4,000 327
Upgrade: 78a24d3c64d0401d877f6c0f18e3d39c
10 Prismatic Gloves Named for the colorful light reflected by strong shells woven into the fabric. 40 Gold500.png 5,000 428
Upgrade: 57d7fc7f5f484080ad8b313e2ff0b438
11 Iron Threaded Mitts One thousand iron spiders were used to make the thread. 43 Gold500.png 6,500 549
Upgrade: de195f80c2694605a689f62288bc5a9f
12 Throwbo's Claw From one throwing creature to another. 46 Gold500.png 8,000 687
Upgrade: df5b2965f9b04b01862b035d02e59d41
13 Steel Plated Gauntlets Very heavy and bound to bulk up the arms. 49 Gold500.png 12,000 890
Upgrade: 4f1848ef3546454c97ddf43bbf27f4fd
14 Stone Gauntlets Completely impractical. 52 Gold500.png 18,000 1185
Upgrade: 87eb5daacc46479594fce5f53251df56
15 Thorium Gauntlets It is rumored that a wise and benevolent king erased half a kingdom with a snap of their fingers. 55 Gold500.png 38,000 1811
Upgrade: 70ba23a9c440454e86fe4dc70a90be44