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The Counter Weight upgrade.pngCounter Weight upgrade increases throw range.

Tier Name Description Cost GUID
Base Counter Weight Allows the pickaxe to be thrown like a boomerang. Gold5.png 0
Upgrade: 8f17356699994305b51951862d073654
1 Balanced Counter Weight A carefully crafted weight that maintains a weapon's balance while it is in flight. Gold100.png 400
Upgrade: e9d69992d8a3456eb8447ae8d998dcc5
2 Refined Counter Weight A premium counter weight, measured and engineered to 1/10th of a bit. The highest standard of quality. Gold500.png 1,000
Upgrade: ae32b942b4d2432991fa371bf84a4f2e
3 Dynamic Counter Weight A complicated contraption that dynamically adjusts itself to maintain optimal balance in flight. Gold500.png 2,500
Upgrade: 87ba296d9b3843f8b132a5ca44f2ae78
4 Precision Engineered Counter Weight Constructed by the best engineers in the Delvemore Kingdom. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Gold500.png 5,000
Upgrade: 4cc1b19e39a640b299fb1cdabb959fc4