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The Bomb upgrade.pngBomb upgrade increases bomb damage.

Tier Name Description Bomb Damage Cost GUID
Base Peasant's Bomb Clearing rocks is dangerous work. 68 Gold5.png 0
Upgrade: 5997e537696249d2b4a4f4923eaf1f1e
1 Black Powder Bomb Upgrades the bomb from slightly dangerous to pretty dangerous. 78 Gold50.png 75
Upgrade: 8a48b033da194807a78d226aab63900f
2 Bishop Signature Series Bishop's prized blend of fifty seven different powders and chemicals. 88 Gold100.png 150
Upgrade: f0210ee93eaa4812a626872be3a4c3da
3 Stable Concoction Razzil, the Alchemist finally stabilized his brew and the results are good. 98 Gold100.png 350
Upgrade: 0e4ac62948974166a8f5cad5c7a982f7
4 Sapper's Choice The preferred explosive of the goblin sappers of the Misty Mountains. 108 Gold500.png 750
Upgrade: 43fadcd2501844378a611b3e33797c77
5 Rook's Formula Rook one upped his brother by finding a fifty eighth ingredient. 118 Gold500.png 1,500
Upgrade: 09db76ce272b4904b3ef20070b8a76ea
6 One Hundred Pound Bomb Comes with cotton for the ears so they do not get blown out. 128 Gold500.png 3,000
Upgrade: 6c5ff28c94f74e3eba6a4b69d6ba89fe
7 Shape Charge Used in the honored past time of carving crude drawings in mine walls. 138 Gold500.png 6,500
Upgrade: 75c3ad6a24f4496a80e449a84c19a95c
8 Widowmaker Responsible for a whole generation of husbandless miner's wives. 148 Gold500.png 12,000
Upgrade: 76717c1de8fb4de08b80c337cb11fe72
9 Diamond Powder Bomb Diamonds contribute nothing to the power, but they do make the explosion pretty. 158 Gold500.png 25,000
Upgrade: 41a2d1aecb8046b488c060dd1427ed95
10 Big Boy The most powerful bomb in all the eight kingdoms. 168 Gold500.png 50,000
Upgrade: abc6ce6bb9334df8bb695e7c48ebadad