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Status effects are mechanics that alters an entity's behavior or stats. They can be inflicted on both the player and enemies.


Ignite is a damage-over-time (DoT) status effect that can be afflicted by anything aflame. This effect lasts for a few ticks and damages on each tick. It can be removed by stepping into water. Walking on oil resets the effect, making it last longer. It can be caused from Fiery Uberglomp.pngFiery Uberglomp, Fiery Glomp.pngFiery Glomp and Gargoyle.pngGargoyle's attacks, all enemies when Salamander's Wrath.pngSalamander's Wrath is active, stepping on burning oil, stepping on fire pools, jumping on Torches, and getting hit from wall lanterns and Torches when the Waking Light.pngWaking Light curse is active.

Fiery Glomp.pngFiery Glomp, Fiery Uberglomp.pngFiery Uberglomps, and Gargoyle.pngGargoyles cannot be set on fire.

The player can inflict Ignite on enemies with Salamander Tail.pngSalamander Tail, Firebird's attacks, throwing the pickaxe through fire, or imbuing the pickaxe with Seertooth.pngSeertooth.

As it is fire damage, it can be weakened or negated with Gordon's Tunic.pngGordon's Tunic or by taking a level 2 or 3 Firebird.pngFirebird on a run.

Lava Walkers.pngLava Walkers and Helios Boots.pngHelios Boots provide immunity from Ignite from standing in fire pools and burning oil.


Oiled is afflicted when standing in oil. The entity cannot jump and moves slower. It can be prevented by possessing the Galoshes.pngGaloshes or Helios Boots.pngHelios Boots.


Main article: Poison

Poison is a DoT status effect that damages the entity for a few ticks on each tick and significantly slows it down. It can be inflicted by Vilepot.pngVilepots, Spider.pngSpiders, Wolf Spider.pngWolf Spiders, Toxic Scale.pngToxic Scales and other Scales in their presence, and all enemies when cursed with Venomous.pngVenomous.

Poison can be inflicted on enemies with Crippling Poison.pngCrippling Poison and Toxin.pngToxin.


Electrified is afflicted when in electrified water. It is removed when the entity moves out of water. Lightning Mite.pngLightning Mites and Mortar's orbs can electrify water.

The player can electrify enemies, which creates chain lightning between some enemies. If the enemy is standing on water, it will temporarily electrocute the water as well. The player can electrify enemies by imbuing the pickaxe with Electrorock.pngElectrorock, taking the Thunderbird.pngThunderbird on a run, or the Bottled Lightning.pngBottled Lightning.

The damage can be reduced if the player has a level 2 or 3 Thunderbird.pngThunderbird or Gordon's Tunic.pngGordon's Tunic.

Lightning mites will not take electrical damage, but can chain lightning upon hit to other enemies.

Broken Armor

Broken Armor is an enemy-exclusive status effect. It can be inflicted on enemies with the Cracked Orb.pngCracked Orb. It causes afflicted enemies to take more damage from all sources.


Blessed is an enemy-exclusive status effect. The Ardor Priest.pngArdor Priest can bestow it onto other enemies, temporarily increasing their HP and damage.


Invigorated is a player-exclusive status effect. It temporarily increases movement speed via the relic Battle Standard.pngBattle Standard[1]