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Log tab.png

The Log is a section of the Journal that keeps track of your old runs.

The log keeps track of both Undermine and Othermine runs, and it can keep up to 26 of each type of run

The left side of the journal shows the list of runs. It also shows the date the run took place, and the name and picture of the Peasant

On the right side of the journal there is:

  • The run time for the run
  • The Seed
  • The player Gold at the end run
  • The floor the player died on
  • What the player died to
  • Enemies that were killed
  • Relics that were collected

Info that is not listed:

  • WHIP number

Info that is not recorded:

  • Potions used or carried at time of death
  • Hexes active
  • Curses active or removed.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Log.


The WHIP number is for WHIP runs is stored in the save file but unused on the log.