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  • Added 25 new WHIP starting item packages

Bug Fixes

  • Penance.pngPenance now heals you if you have Starvation.pngStarvation
  • Penance.pngPenance starting cost reduced back to 50hp
  • Fixed a display issue for seeds over 6 digits in the Log and Game Over screen
  • Shrapnel.pngShrapnel kills now count towards Tsar Bomba.pngTsar Bomba and Capture Sphere.pngCapture Sphere
  • Box of Holding.pngBox of Holding now stops working when Nullification.pngNullified
  • Fixed an animation glitch with Nullstone.pngNullstone when the peasant resurrects via Resurrection.pngResurrection or Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm
  • The right analog stick now respects the controller deadzone setting
  • Fixed an issue preventing Death's Hand from speaking if you leave his room via Shop in a Bottle.pngShop in a Bottle before ending the run
  • Secluded room encounters are not rerolled in the case of emergency layout rebuilds. This would lead to rooms appearing on the wrong subfloor on the minimap
  • Fixed a softlock that would occur if you attack Toadvine or Bathcat after using Dungeon Key.pngSelt’s key on the Dungeon door
  • Fixed a cursed relic choice encounter in the Caverns from working correctly with Mutation.pngMutation
  • Fixed a few text typos
  • Fixed an issue with Miner's Flask.pngMiner's Flask that would spawn a non-interactable potion and slide it across the floor when restoring a save state
  • Fixed some issues surrounding Simple Chest.pngSimple Chest and shop cost-modifying items such as Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves and Accursed.pngAccursed
  • Fixed a counting issue in the Dungeon gargoyle fight that would end the fight early if the last Gargoyle.pnggargoyle turned to stone
  • The Major Curse.pngMajor Curse loot table now falls back to the Minor Curse.pngMinor Curse loot table to prevent players from becoming locked in the Othermine antechamber if the Major Curse.pngMajor Curse table had become exhausted
  • Combo items now forcibly remove their component relics, even if the component is indestructible
  • Fixed an issue with Eidolon.pngEidolon and Spirit.pngSpirit in WHIP mode that would prevent their equip bonuses from applying if you already had them equipped
  • All boss exits should now correctly spawn, even if the boss dies during their intro sequence
  • Maybe fixed Seer’s head from sometimes rotating upwards during his attacks
  • Fixed some mouse-detection issues that would prevent controller players from being able to swing if the mouse was hovering over a clickable UI element
  • Helios Boots.pngHelios Boots now correctly inherits the insulating properties of Galoshes.pngGaloshes
  • Scattering items now attempt to land inside the playable room bounds to prevent them from falling outside the doorway and touching the kill zone
  • Fixed an issue with Hay Fever.pngHayfever that would cause the plant to be able to shoot for a few seconds after it had died
  • Canary.pngCanary lv3 now shows a little restraint when going after newly-spawned gold so as to not interrupt duplication as often
  • Fixed a longstanding issue that would cause the interaction state of items and other things to become stuck to the player no matter how far away from them you get
  • Added yet more safety checks to prevent Arrow Traps from spawning behind interior wall sections
  • Fixed a targeting issue with Vilepot.pngVilepots that would cause them to become unresponsive
  • Tightened up Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm to better prevent the player from jumping around during the resurrection animation and made the invulnerability period outlast ignite and poison
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Hobble Doll.pngHobble Doll’s beam to persist if the doll was instantly destroyed via Midas Touch.pngMidas Touch or other instant-kill effects
  • Canary.pngCanary is no longer interested in shop items, free or not
  • Fixed a few issues with Selt getting stuck and causing bombs she eats to sometimes double-explode
  • Resolved a few lingering crashes

A huge thank you to our dedicated bug hunters for reporting these issues and helping us to continue pushing forward the quality of UnderMine!

Hotfix 1

Hotfix 2